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Services & Prices

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LCN Nail Polish: $12.00/bottle
Foot Paddles: $8.00/paddle
Exfoliating Gloves: $9.00/pair

Nail files: $2.00/file

Nail Brushes: $4.00/brush

Diamond Power: $12.00/bottle
High-gloss, formaldehyde free Nail Hardener with diamond dust.

Nail Hardener: $10.00/bottle

Penetrating treatment with Calcium and Vitamin E. Intensive Nail Hardener strengthens natural nails.
Apply 1 coat to nails before polish 2 times a week. Remove & Repeat.

Nail Bitter: $11.25/bottle
For extreme nail bitters.
Apply once a day and let dry.

Cuticle Oil: $12.00/bottle

Prevents & treats hangnails. Keeps cuticles soft and nourished with Vitamins A, E, F.

Apply to cuticles 1-2 times daily or as often as needed.

Nail Serum: $10.00/bottle

Non-oily serum that nourishes & strengthens weak nails. Contains Vitamin H, Silk Protein, Calcium
& Keratin. Brush onto nail plate 1-2 times daily.

Fresh UP (Feet): $17.25

A modern antiperspirant and deodorizing foot cream. Massage into feet daily. Combats athlete’s
foot and foot odor. Suitable for an active lifestyle.

LCN Nail Polish Remover with Mendah bottle: $12.00/bottle

Polish remover refills: $8.00/bottle

Please bring back the bottle you originally purchased.

LCN Hand cream: $16.50/ bottle

Highly concentrated moisturizing hand cream with non oily, conditioning agents. Works amazingly!

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